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Play Collegiate Golf Webinars provide important information germane to the college golf recruiting process in an environment that is easy to understand and is viewed directly from your home computer without any software downloads. This format makes for a great learning environment for everyone involved. Play Collegiate Golf Webinars are designed for the 2015 - 2019 high school graduates and their families.

2017 webinar TITLES

The College Golf Recruiting Process: Myths and Realities
There is a great deal of (mis)information about the college golf recruiting process: how to seek out coaches; where to play; scholarship levels. Understanding how to best position yourself as a junior golfer (and a junior golfer's parent or parents) will enhance your recruiting experience. This webinar will explore several "myths" of the college golf recruiting process and discuss the associated "realities" as well as provide some information on how to begin getting recruited.

The College Selection Process: Finding the "Best Fit" Academically and Athletically
Many factors go into the college selection process such as location, campus size, entrance requirements, and graduation rates. Student-athletes have wider concerns which encompass both academic and athletic interests. This webinar will provide participants supporting strategies for developing a "best fit" approach to the college and college golf selection process.

Getting Noticed by College Coaches: Marketing Yourself to Play Collegiate Golf
The college golf recruiting process is very different from other sports due to golf's highly individual nature. You are responsible for selecting the correct tournaments and marketing yourself to the program that is the right fit for you. This webinar will showcase methods necesary to successfully attract the attention of college golf coaches.

Defining College Golf Divisions and Recruiting Timelines for Junior Golfers
There are several different competitive golf programs at the college level, each with their own myriad of recruiting rules and timelines. Having a clear understanding of these divisions and their timelines as well as the associated rules will be advantageous as your junior golfer begins the recruiting process. This webinar will define the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA as well as explain the recruiting timelines for each division.

The College Admissions Process and Succeeding During the First Year Experience
The college admissions process can be a daunting environment. Finding the "best fit" experience academically is the goal and once this is realized the college application process truly begins. This webinar will focus in on strategies to navigate the college admissions process as well as succeeding in the First Year Experience.

The Junior Golf Landscape: Finding the "Best Fit" Junior Golf Experience
There are many junior golf experiences available to families and wading through the options can be a daunting task. What are the various junior tour options and how do you get the most exposure to college golf coaches? What are the best events to play and how do you get invited to them or organize your schedule to ensure it is the strongest competition? Also, understanding the difference between local, regional, and national junior tournaments is essential to a successful recruiting process. If you want to play collegiate golf, attend this webinar and learn from industry professionals what your options are and how to best proceed in the junior golf landscape. This webinar is designed for high school students graduating 2012 - 2015. Plan on spending approximately 60 minutes as Dr. Fleming explores the junior golf landscape.

Creating a Letter of Introduction to Send on to College Golf Coaches
Junior golfers need to showcase themselves in an initial introduction letter to coaches. This webinar will be a hands-on active learning environment and will help participants understand the importance of communicating academic and athletic information to college golf coaches. Discussion will solely focus around the introduction letter and what it should look like and what should be included within the document. You and your junior golfer will work together during the presentation to create the letter, brainstorming ideas to include in the letter based on necessary items to include in each paragraph. At the conclusion of this webinar participants will have completed the framework for a golf specific introduction letter to send on to college golf coaches as well as understand how to most effectively utilize this resource.

Building a Golf Specific Résumé That Will Get You Noticed!
Coaches review hundreds of résumés of potential players. Learn how to create a résumé that will make you stand out among the other players being recruited. This webinar is a hands-on learning environment and includes a template to work on during the presentation. When we are done you will have a working golf specific résumé that can accompany your letter of introduction.

Preparing for On-Campus Visits With College Golf Coaches
Visiting college campuses and talking with college coaches is an integral part of the recruiting process. It provides the junior golfer an opportunity to see if the institution is a place s/he wants to attend. It also allows the family to interact with several important offices on campus as well as the golf coach. This webinar will give attendees specific information about how to prepare for an on-campus visit: university offices to visit; questions to ask; questions that many golf coaches will ask junior golfer recruits. Be prepared for on-campus visits by attending this presentation!

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