Play Collegiate Golf supports the student-athlete in the research process (which school and golf program will be best for you and your skills, academic goals, and athletic abilities), the recruiting process (you recruiting coaches, programs, and schools - them, in return, recruiting you), and, finally, the selection process (choosing the right fit, choosing the best fit). Clients are provided one-on-one mentoring and help in comprehensively understanding the various factors associated with making an informed decision about academic and athletic cohesion along with the myriad of steps necessary to ensure successfully beginning the post-secondary career. Several steps are a part of this service and client-oriented package.

Step 1: Mentoring the Client
* Determine future academic and athletic goals of the client
* Determine a path towards successfully fulfilling these goals
* Explain the college golf recruiting process, NCAA timelines and rules, SAT/ACT scores
* Explain and assist with the NCAA Clearinghouse procedure

Step 2: Choosing a College and a Golf Program
* Assist in identifying the "best fit" institutions that support the academic and athletic goals of the client
* Evaluate player skill level and discuss appropriate NCAA divisions
* Communicate with the right coach, the right college, and the right program
* Serve as a qualified client reference for potential college golf coaches

Step 3: Developing a Competition Schedule and Building a Golf Specific Résumé
* Explain the various junior golf tours and assist in planning a winning tournament schedule
* Work with the client on course management and practice routines
* Assist in designing a strong introduction letter and golf specific résumé to send to golf coaches
* Help in creating an appropriate swing video to send to golf coaches

Step 4: Preparing for The First Year Experience at College (for students and parents)
* Assist in understanding the academic, athletic, and personal transitions during the first year at college
* Time Management and Goal Setting
* Help in comprenhending the life of a student-athlete
* Planning for major selection and career decisions