frequently asked questions

How do we begin?
Our initial conversation, a 30 minute consultation by phone, is free. During this conversation we will determine what plan is best for each client.

What is the primary goal of Play Collegiate Golf?
The goal is to find a selection of "best fit" collegiate institutions that support both the academic and athletic goals of each client. Student-athletes are both students and athletes; therefore, it is important to each client's success to think about both academic and athletic goals in the college search process.

How can parents help their junior golfer determine the "best fit" college and golf program?
Encourage your child to properly research potential colleges and golf programs early in the recruiting process. Be realistic in assessing your child's academic and athletic abilities when looking for potential "best fit" institutions. Remain supportive and positive during the recruiting process, reminding your child that you are 100% behind his or her decision.

What services do you provide?
Play Collegiate Golf helps each client understand the college selection process through both an academic lens and an athletic lens. Play Collegiate Golf also supports each client in the areas of tournament selection and scheduling, introduction letter and golf-specific résumé writing, course management and practice routine development, and looking to the future of the first-year experience at college and beyond.

What aspects should we think about when beginning to research potential colleges?
First and foremost, consider carefully what your junior golfer is interested in studying. This consideration is crucial to selecting a college that supports your child's academic area of interest. Then, evaluate his or her playing skills and determine an appropriate fit with regard to a specific NCAA divison and collegiate golf program.

What are some campus-based resources we should look for when researching potential colleges?
Many colleges in an effort to support incoming students have created programs entitled "First Year Experience" (sometimes known as University 101 and College 101) that help with student transitions from high school to college. Look for the available academic resources for students (for example, offices with names such as, or similar to, Center for Student Learning, Career Center, Academic Advising and Planning Center) and how accessible these are to students. Also, investigate the Residence Life environment for first-year students.

Play Collegiate Golf will answer these questions in-depth, as well as many other questions you may have. Please contact Play Collegiate Golf to successfully navigate the college and golf program selection process.