Play Collegiate Golf has published several articles authored by Dr. Fleming. These articles focus on academic and athletic concerns for junior golfers who want to continue their competitive golf careers at college. They are available to help the junior golfer and his or her family with the selection of prospective colleges, the myriad of rules regarding NCAA recruiting, and investigating different aspects of the college environment. Various topics germane to finding the "best fit" academically and athletically are available for free. Dr. Fleming welcomes suggestions for future articles and encourages families to enjoy the articles and pass them on to friends and fellow competitors.


Planning the High School Years

Clarifying the National Letter of Intent Process

Social Media Platforms and Their Role in College Golf Recruiting

5 Academic Questions for Parents of First Year College Students

Readying for an On-campus Visit with a Golf Coach

Write the "Right" College Golf Letter

Finding College Golf Program Information on Athletic Websites

The "Top 10" Questions Student-Athletes Should be Asking Themselves

The First Year Experience College Checklist

Things to Consider When Determining Where to Play College Golf

Top 5 Questions That Coaches Ask Potential Recruits

Top 10 Study Tips for College Success

Top 10 Ways for Students to Find Their Niche at College

Top 10 List of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Parents of First Year College Students

Readying for the First Semester at College

Defining “Redshirt” as it Pertains to Playing College Golf

Defining the Junior Golf Landscape

The College Golf Recruiting Process...Simplified

Creating a Successful First Year College Experience

The College Admissions Process

Questions to Determine the “Best Fit” Academic Environment For You

Defining the Various College Golf Scholarships and Answering FAQs

5 Things You Need to Know...4 Things You Need to Do...for Successful College Golf Recruiting

Guidelines for Playing Collegiate Golf

The Different NCAA Athletic Divisions

What Is It Like to Play Collegiate Golf?

Eligibility Timeline for Junior Golfers

Ten Ways to Improve Your Golf Game i

Reviewing Potential Academic Opportunities at Your “Best Fit” School

Simulate Playing Environment to Keep Sharp Around the Greens

Preparing Appropriately for a Golf Tournament

The National Letter of Intent and What It Means

October 2009 - Seven Important Aspects to Researching and Selecting Potential Colleges

September 2009 - Creating a Personal Swing Video for College Golf Coaches

Helping Families Understand the Different Golf Scholarship Opportunities Available

Understanding the NCAA Clearinghouse Process and Becoming Eligible for Competition

How Do I Send Information to College Golf Coaches and What Do I Send?

Five Tips for Success in the First Year of College

Creating a Strong Practice Routine

Myths and Realities of the College Golf Recruiting Process

Recruiting Terms and Definitions for NCAA Collegiate Golf

The College Selection Process: Finding the Academic and Athletic "Best Fit" Institution