Dear Prospective Collegiate Golfer,

Congratulations on your choice to pursue competitive golf at the collegiate level. Success in this academic and athletic environment demands persistence, time management, and hard work both in the classroom and on the golf course. Being prepared prior to your first day on campus will help you to become a successful collegiate student-athlete and to reach your academic and athletic goals.

Play Collegiate Golf is a scouting tool for the high school student-athlete desiring to make an informed decision about his or her future academic and athletic choices. Play Collegiate Golf matches your academic goals and athletic talents to the right institution, the right conference, and the right division. Play Collegiate Golf offers each client a practical and comprehensive plan to help him or her make the best college choice. Choosing a college and ensuring golf coaches recognize your valued talents is a time consuming and daunting task. Play Collegiate Golf provides each client a personalized program to navigate these challenges successfully.

Play Collegiate Golf supports the proactive student-athlete by implementing an organized approach to selecting an academic institution and college golf program. Our comprehensive guide will help you prepare for the college experience. This document covers topics such as admission steps, academic/social/athletic considerations, and personal choices. The guide also provides a template for creating an introduction letter and golf-specific résumé to get you noticed by coaches at institutions you want to attend. Student success tips for the first-year transition are also included.

Play Collegiate Golf assists student-athletes to transition successfully into the college environment in both academic and athletic settings. Play Collegiate Golf commits to supporting you!

Dr. Bruce Fleming
Play Collegiate Golf

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